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Repair and rebuild services
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From minor repairs to extensive rebuilds, or refurbishments to extend the life of your vehicles, our AD24 service centres are here to provide expert and cost-effective help.

Our facilities in Anston and Harlow, provide state of the art repair and paint services that are easy to access nationwide.

Each service centre is a centre of excellence manned by fully trained, highly skilled AD24 staff who are experts in all aspects of every Alexander Dennis buses and Plaxton coaches, helping to ensure outstanding levels of reliability for your fleet.

Why choose AD24 service centres

  • UK based (Anston and Harlow)
  • Expert water-based paint shop services
  • Fully trained technicians
  • Repairs and refurbishments for any make of bus or coach
  • Frees up your own mechanics to do other work
  • Extend the working life of your vehicles
  • Cost-effective and efficient expert services
  • Certified work ensuring warranty integrity


Repair and rebuild services

Whether you need major repairs, minor adjustments or a complete rebuild, our service centres have all the equipment and skilled technicians you need to extend the life of your vehicles.

Whatever the job, your vehicle will be finished to a standard that’s comparable to the day it left the factory, and all completed using approved, genuine parts.

Refurbishment services

Everyday wear and tear can make vehicles look and feel dated - AD24’s specialist refurbishment services add a new lease of life to your vehicles as an economical way to maximise their service lifespan.

As part of the service, we can repair, replace, and update everything from seats to paint livery, drivetrain to telematics – all customised for your specific vehicles.

Paint shop services

With paint-shop services available at both our Anston and Harlow service centres, using the latest water-based spray processes, AD24’s expert paint technicians can quickly and professionally refresh or replace your livery.

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