Overseas Training

Overseas Training can be provided in most countries, subject to availability of suitable training facilities, including fully equipped classroom, workshop facilities and a bus available for training purposes. Alexander Dennis has a history of providing highly successful training for overseas operators including Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and Barcelona. Feedback from these customers rates our training as amongst the best they have received.

Training is organised and co-ordinated by Alexander Dennis using support from local agents or component suppliers where necessary. Additional support may also be used for any equipment specific to country or area. All training material is co-ordinated through Alexander Dennis and provided to each delegate on CD.

Training rigs, where appropriate can be shipped out in advance, but the use of a bus is normally sufficient for in-depth training to be delivered, however for strip and rebuild of specific components, additional equipment may be required. This must be discussed and agreed in advance of any training requirements.

Course content

  • We offer courses on most components and systems used on the bus. Please see course profiles attached or contact the training department to discuss any special requirements.
  • Classroom presentations, using components for demonstration, identification and testing.
  • Excellent hands-on exercises on the bus to experience fault finding, trouble shooting and diagnostics at first hand.
  • Digital multimeter skills to improve fault finding.
  • Basic electrical skills and knowledge to help with fault finding and operation.
  • Practical assessments, including faults which can be set on the bus!
  • In-depth written assessments for each training section. Delegates will be expected to use the material provided to answer questions. It is therefore advantageous for each delegate to have access to a laptop or computer. The assessments are designed to test each delegate and ensure they have understood the training. The assessments are also designed to help students become more self-sufficient.
  • Certificates issued to successful delegates. Valid for three years unless stated otherwise.

Additional Information

  • Certificates issued to successful delegates. Valid for three years unless stated otherwise.
  • Results of assessments can be provided to employers if requested.

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