Euro 4 and 5 - Engine and Aftertreatment

Three day course
On-site or classroom based
IMI approved course

The engine training course is designed to give participants an in-depth understanding of the ISBe Engine, including the Aftertreatment (DEF) system. The course is targeted at the increased use of sensors and diagnostics, which now play an important role in monitoring emissions. It is imperative that all Technicians understand OBD and the differences between Euro 4, and Euro 5.

This Three day course is aimed at competent Technicians involved in the maintenance and repair of engine & aftertreatment systems. Delegates will be encouraged to develop their understanding by participating in practical exercises & discussion throughout the course.

Delegates will learn to carry out maintenance and repair procedures using blink codes & laptop diagnostics including Cummins Insite software. At the end of the course participants will be able to identify faults using fault tree diagnosis, be able to rectify and clear faults and recognise the different implications for fault clearing between Euro 4, Euro 4+, Euro 5 engines.

Course content

  • Classroom presentation using components for demonstration, identification and testing
  • Simulator mode for Cummins Insite in classroom on new 17" laptops.
  • Dynamic use of fully running engine and after treatment systems on training chassis.
  • CAN lines, how they work and testing.
  • Digital multimeter skills to improve fault finding.
  • Engine trouble shooting and diagnostics.
  • Difference between Euro4, 4+, 5 and the implications with regard to emissions and fault clearing.
  • Practical assessment including pre-set faults on training chassis.
  • Written assessment.
  • All students will receive full course material on CD.

Additional Information

  • Students must provide their own clean safety shoes for workshop areas.
  • Joining instructions and site information will be sent to you.
  • Details and results of individual assessments are available to employers on request.
  • Certificates issued by Alexander Dennis to successful delegates. Valid for three years unless stated otherwise.
  • IMI certificate awarded to successful delegates. 80% pass rate required on assessment.

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